House of Suns - Alastair Reynolds

This is the kind of novel Reynolds was meant to write. Full of big ideas and wow scenarios. An unusual and entertaining focal character. A charming robot who's just a little bit quirky. A love story that transcends millenia. And a trip to another galaxy. The author puts it all together in a compelling read full of sfnal surprise and sense of wonder.

As always, there are the familiar Reynolds elements. Kilometers long space ships. No faster than light travel (except for one). Profound astronomical insight. Ancient ship captains. Human body mods.

In other Reynolds books, I get antsy by the final quarter, keen to get it over with. But in [b:House of Suns|1126719|House of Suns|Alastair Reynolds||2020929], the author keeps the suspense and interest going right up to the final chapter. The story stays with you long after the final page. There must be more!

Five stars, Highly recommended!