Armored - Lauren Beukes, Alastair Reynolds, Christie Yant, Jack McDevitt, Dan Abnett, Tanya Huff, David Klecha, Jak Wagner, Ethan Skarstedt, Wendy N. Wagner, Genevieve Valentine, John Joseph Adams, David Barr Kirtley, Robert Buettner, Karin Lowachee, Ian Douglas, David D. Levine, B (This review is based on an ARC.) How to rate an anthology has always been a struggle. Invariably, they end up in the 3-star "I don't know" category. Plus I seldom read all the stories. So for this exercise, I'll give ratings for each story that I actually try to read.


"Hel’s Half-Acre" Jack Campbell & Tobias S. Buckell

"The Johnson Maneuver" [a:Ian Douglas|4702581|Ian Douglas|]
"The Cat’s Pajamas" [a:Jack McDevitt|73812|Jack McDevitt|]