The Black Box - Michael Connelly

Vintage Connelly. After the disappointment of [b:Nine Dragons|6413193|Nine Dragons (Harry Bosch, #15)|Michael Connelly||6602180], he returns to his strength, an investigative story that is not built on happenstance but on the careful development of clues and characters. The author seems much more comfortable with the Los Angeles environs (compared to, say, Hongkong), whether this be in 1992 or 2012, and is reflected in the fluidity of his prose and flow of the narrative. The term "impellent writing" is quite applicable.

There are quite a few changes in the Bosch backstory as well, not least of which is the acknowledgement that the character is aging, and needs to act more his age. His daughter, for one, indicates that she wants to follow in his footsteps. Although, thankfully, he has not mellowed too much, and is still up to a few chapters of breathless action. Bosch is still ragging on his supervisor, but perhaps this is wearing thin over the course of several books.

Anyway, good job. I'll be looking at some of the other books I missed on the back list.