American Assassin (Mitch Rapp #1) - Vince Flynn, George Guidall

As far as "origin" stories go, this was quite entertaining, if a little cold-blooded. But then again, origin tales tend to be an easy sell since the character, in this case Mitch Rapp, has already been embraced by readers; i.e., Ms Universe has already been crowned and this book is like her victory walk. So, a bit of hand waving, a stately bearing, a winning smile, the humble-proud, chin-up, eyes-to-heaven, tears-abrim pose.

Flynn doesn't miss an opportunity to bring out the hero in his hero, from downtrodden childhood and terrible loss, Rapp becomes the assassin for America. Cliched tongue-in-cheek ribbing aside, Flynn does a good job of maintaining the suspense and keeping his main character believable. And he doesn't skimp on the slambang, bam-a-lam ending.

So, quite a ride. This was my first, and perhaps only, Vince Flynn book, and I enjoyed it.