Locked On  - Tom Clancy, Lou Diamond Phillips, Mark Greaney Clancy and Greaney wrote a blockbuster (in the Hollywood sense), with voicing delivered with utmost gravity by Lou Diamond Phillips. High violence, impactful storytelling that is a far cry from the pensive thriller, The Hunt for Red October. Entertaining for sure, but so many things happen it's hard to focus on any particular sequence. So perhaps in a week the only memory would be the boom, kapow and ping of all the action.
What's left is figuring out which actors will play which roles ... Harrison Ford is a lock for Jack Ryan Sr ... maybe Ryan Gosling or Shia Lebeouf for Jr ... Scarlett J for Jr's love interest, maybe someone younger and more angular?
The book has a decidedly right leaning world view. And the authors eschew all pretense of character development and focus on bringing each violent action segment to full glorious gore. Clearly, a book for a particular segment of the reading population. And I must admit, I was hooked for the first half of the ride until I realized that the second half would be more of the same, then it was slog to the end. Still, it's perhaps the best of the three Ryan Jr books so far.