Dead or Alive - Tom Clancy After reading the first 8 Jack Ryan books by Tom Clancy, my interest waned after Debt of Honor. Somehow, the "close to today's headlines" feel of the earlier books was lost with a main character who was also POTUS. I think I made it through Executive Orders, but never finished Rainbow Six, and did not get past page 1 of The Bear and the Dragon.
So reading Dead or Alive was like returning to your hometown that you haven't visited in years. And this time, we have a new set of characters, including Jack Ryan Jr, together with some old standbys like Chavez and the indestructible John Clark. The espionage part of the story-telling is still topnoptch and thrilling. So perhaps, Clancy (and his co-author, as credited in the audiobook) has not lost his touch. But then, the action sequences, though still well-crafted, appear to have taken a turn for the violent. There's a segment where torture is depicted (and fliply justified) which left me quite queasy.
Still compelling reading, but less of the elements I really enjoyed about Clancy's fiction before. Or maybe I just evolved into a different reader. May try another book in this series to see if I get hooked again. Clearly, there are many threads in this series that will lead to many more books in the future.