The Lincoln Lawyer  - Michael Connelly, Adam Grupper

There must be a speaking style that can be classified as standard English. One with no accent or brogue or other affectations, dissociated from ethnic or regional preferences, easy to understand and leaving no room for misunderstanding or misinterpretation. And if there were such, then the narrator for this audiobook had it down cold. For a while, I had begun to dread getting books on Audible because no matter how well rated or reviewed the book may be on Goodreads, I always seem to end up with narration that is hard to understand and painful to listen to, massacre-ing an otherwise well-written novel. But thankfully, this was not the case for this audiobook. In fact, I looked forward to my listening periods for both the next unfolding in the novel as well as to hear the nicely modulated voice of the narrator.

The novel itself was fine, and perhaps this assessment is tainted by how I appreciated the audio performance. The writing was smooth, unobtrusive. I was not bothered by cliches noted by other reviewers. In the past I have noted that cliches are ok as they allow the writer to move the story forward without going into another digression to explain a minor plot movement. The author was quite skillful in this regard, putting in cliches only where it made sense and helped the book move along.

I liked the development of the lead character, including his moral flaws and how he must deal with them to continue to have a meaningful life and career. The villain was not so convincing, but I was not meant to care about him, and so this made his development less of an issue. The other characters seemed to me pastiches of well-developed roles seen in movies and TV, in a way that one can imagine actors that may play these roles, an incidental thought that may actually be realized since a movie was made of this a couple of years ago.

My rating for this audiobook is both for the writing and the audio performance. I will probably read/listen to another book in this series.