Feed - Mira Grant

Let me begin by saying, this book had a lot of negatives going against it even before I started. I am not a fan of Walking Dead, Harry Potter or Peter Straub, not because these are bad TV shows, books or authors, but because they focus on themes that don't quite appeal to me, namely: zombies, young adults and horror. And Feed has all these in spades. But I wanted a change of fare and saw how well reviewed and rated this book was here on Goodreads, so ...

... Ok, it's not so bad. After the first few chapters, I am past my initial aversion and am settling down to enjoying the tale-telling. Mira Grant has done a good job of getting me to suspend my disbelief and pay attention to what she has to say next. Not bad, not bad at all. Will update once I get farther along.

Part 3 ... The story moves along at a good pace. I'm distracted by several stereotyped characters. There is the selfless presidential candidate, stoic in the face of loss, and showing no indications of the raw ambition and self promotion that would be the prime motivators for someone gunning for the highest office. The rival candidate with the one-sided viewpoint which would not gotten him far in a real political career. Most disturbing was the dumb and single-minded army captain, and his cowed commander, who are both depicted as unreasonable automatons. But I think I can ignore these as much as I can set aside the zombie science. The main characters at least ring true and are engaging. So, sally on.

Part 4 ... Finally, I've found the happy balance to keep reading this book, hopefully to the end. This is an important step - to manage expectations. How else can one enjoy such escapes as summer blockbuster movies? So have decided that this is a fun book, not hard SF, or A Tale of Two Cities, necessarily, but perhaps Ghostbusters? The lead characters' moxie and nose-thumbing attitude are just endearing.

Coasting to the end. One final thought: I guess its inevitable in a story built on dead people coming back as monsters that some of the characters would die. But whenever this happens, the whole texture of the story changes, sometimes for the better, but also for the worse. Needless to say, one of these two eventualities took place which, being one of the last thoughts in my mind about this book, becomes the basis for my rating. I think if you read this novel as a mystery thriller in a George Romero movie set, you can enjoy it.