Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

An 80s greatest hits album for everything from music, video games and video game modules. There's even an accompanying collection of all the songs mentioned in the book (sold separately). For any geek who lived through the swingin' 80s, this is like recollection heaven. You name it, it's probably in this book.

Though I'm more of a 70s person, this was still a fun read. The The Da Vinci Code-like treasure hunt keeps the narrative moving and engaging. I'd recommend it for the virtual world depiction that may have been glossed over in Neuromancer. However, as in any greatest hits album, what moves you forward is the next song, the next chapter that presents a reminder of some fond memory. In the end, there's this feeling of loss and regret that you can't stay in this imaginary throwback world. But that's what a really good book can do, take you to a wonderfully imaginary place and make you want to stay.

I gave the book to my teenage son, thinking he might like it. But he read a chapter then dropped it in favor of Son of Neptune. To each his own.