Halting State - Charles Stross Am writing this review in the light of having somewhat panned its sequel novel, Rule 34, so there must have been something likeable in this book that led to my reading the 2nd book. Eh?

Stumped! Can't recall ... umm ... ahhh. Oh, right. It was nominated for the Hugo. Not to say that I read every novel on the Hugo ballot, but gee, this is written by the same author of Iron Sunrise and Glasshouse, which could arguably have won Hugos.

And also, it's about gaming! But, alas, I've read Ready Player One, and that's now the gaming-theme standard.

So, is it the Scotland-future backdrop? Or the whodunit aspect? Perhaps, the charming second person POV? No, no and no.

I have to admit this now, the hype led me to like this book. I was led on by the PROMISE (from all of those who said this is a great book) which carried me through the reading of the whole book up to the time when I gave it a 4-star rating. I know, this is intellectual dishonesty, to be so influenced on by what others think.

But, hey, the me that read it the first time is not the same as the me that is reviewing it now, isn't it? Tanstaafl, I am just so confused. How about a multiple rating scheme where we can put in additional ratings based on what we recall of a book at different time periods removed from the first rating?