Kraken - China Mieville Cheeky bloke! Writing a book like this and expecting me to finish it! I had better books to read, yet you kept beckoning to me, like a siren! Yes, you, you'r a siren! Next time I see a book with your name on it, I am going to bring it to the top of the pile because I don't want this to happen again, stringing me along like I really wanted to find out what you were on about. I am so deeply, deeply pissed! I hope you know that!

Now, tell me, who can imagi-write like that? No one I tell you! Perhaps with the exception of Mr. William Gibson Such a travesty. For my own sanity, keep your hooks away from me. I will not be enticed with your unclassifiable fiction. Give me something predictable like Contact or even Foundation's Edge, but don't twiddle my senses, like I don't know what I am reading?!

Better yet, write me another Perdido Street Station. Now that was tough but manageable. I am just warning you, next time you challenge me, you better be up to it.