Gridlinked - Neal Asher About 85% done according to Kindle: a brawny, masculine book about an insensitive super agent. The story is more about action than sense or motivations. Characters are introduced and killed without compassion. A cold book that reminds me of action movies such as Mission Impossible or Captain America, where the entertainment is in the blasting, furious activity, tantalizing the eyes but light on the humanity and eminently forgettable.

I realize that Asher wrote many books in the same universe and maybe they would have more heart than this. But am somewhat disappointed since I started this having the notion that the book would be comparable to Haldeman's Forever War, but instead its a chase story filled with sf gadgetry. Perhaps others would find this mind-blowing and fun, but sorry to say, I am not so thrilled.

Addendum: Just finished the book. On hindsight, Asher has style and this helped move the book along. Maybe I'll try another of his books later.