Destroyer of Worlds - Larry Niven; Edward M. Lerner I listened to this as an audio book rather than actually read it. The alien names really messed with the flow of the reading but notwithstanding this minor concern, I found the novel quite entertaining. Niven/Lerner contrive situations where various alien species must apply their distinct intellectual approaches to affect the outcome, sort of like the McGyvver TV series. This a gentler Niven in that everyone survives except for an AI and seems to imply more sequels since the characters still have threads that need developing. To those not used to the terse, dense writing style, this could be a hard read. Listening to it helped me since the audio really slowed down the novel enough for me to catch up with the various logic and technological mazes. For now, I'd like to take a break from Niven and read my favored over writers such as Peter F. Hamilton or Alastair Reynolds for a change.