Crystal Dragon (The Great Migration Duology, #2) (Liaden Universe, #2) - Sharon Lee,  Steve Miller,  Kevin T. Collins Draft

In this continuation of the Liaden origin story that was started in [b:Crystal Soldier (The Great Migration Duology, #1)|288756|Crystal Soldier (The Great Migration Duology, #1) (Liaden Universe, #1)|Sharon Lee||975994], the authors have chosen to open with a prolonged fantasy sequence. This is a departure from the first book which was more along the lines of science fiction adventure but does set the stage for the fantasy components of the series. However, this departure changes the overall feel of the duology, and although the later part of the book returns to the adventure meme, some of the charm has already worn off.

The further exploration of the characters of Jela and Conthra is entertaining, though their adventures are much more fun when they are both on scene. Enough said their before any spoilers spill out.

Anyway, this is at best 3 stars for me.