Cobra (Cobra, #1) - Timothy Zahn,  Stephan Rudnicki The life and times of Jonny, the augmented soldier. Military SF that recalls such books as [b:Man Plus|367215|Man Plus|Frederik Pohl||357220] and [b:Armor|102327|Armor|John Steakley||604650], both from the same era. This one has some cool action and battle sequences, but not nearly enough to fulfill the promise of the title. For the most part, the book focuses on the effect of being augmented on one person, Jonny, following him from his time as a soldier, through his later life as colonist and politician. The story is told in serial fashion as a chain of short stories connected by interludes.
From a near 30 year vantage point, the extrapolations in the book now seem quaint and dated. Cassette tapes and phone operators. Servo motors. The lack of cyber references. The author seemed content with plucking props and characters from thin air in order to move the narrative along, where a little more plotting could have improved the presentation.
This is the first of the Cobra series that Audible has commissioned into audiobooks. There are others from that era I hope Audible/Amazon will get to as well. I'm not sure if I will continue with the rest of the Cobra series.
A note on the audiobook edition: the narrator had this basso profundo that seemed to lull me to sleep. Not the narrator's fault, and overall he did a creditable job. It was just the timbre and frequency of his voice that seemed to have this somnolent effect on me specifically.