Freedom (TM) (Daemon, #2) - Daniel Suarez,  Jeff Gurner As a sequel to Daemon, this book works quite well, fleshing out some of the ideas in the first book while establishing an identity all its own. In fact, it ties up quite a few loose ends for a tidy ending, like a gift wrapped and bowed. The first half of the book dwells quite a bit on the societal issue that leads to the creation of the Daemon, showing some similarity to the Matrix sequel, Matrix Reloaded. Matrix Reloaded
This clearly resonates with some readers as evidenced by ostensibly cult followings on the real internet. For instance, the book's character, Matthew Sobol, is the wizard of some new faction on Twitter. Or, this may turn off others who were expecting the slam-bang, non-stop action of the first book.
Nonetheless, the SF aspects of the book rely firmly on its geeky delineation of the virtual world and gaming culture. Flashes of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom - Price - and Roger Zelazny's Damnation Alley (This is drawing from way back!) - the Automates - come up in the second half of the book, as the action picks up. Damnation Alley
Overall, another entertaining SF title that one can add to a library of 4-star books.