The A.I. War: The Big Boost - Daniel Keys Moran Trent the Uncatchable returns to the fore in this, the 4th book of Moran's outstanding Continuing Time series. Having Trent as a focal character makes this an easier narrative to follow than the very ambitious book 3.
So: Trent has gone into hiding in the outer planets after the events of [b:The Long Run: A Tale of the Continuing Time|403016|The Long Run A Tale of the Continuing Time|Daniel Keys Moran||1416]. The Peacekeeper Force (PKF) still have him as their #1 fugitive but are held at bay by the fiercely-independent StarFarers Collective, and a few other Trent friends. Following a chance citing by a tourist, the PKF get hot on the trail of Trent, and the various forces, including AIs, wealthy patrons, and musicians, come together is another monster mash up presented in the distinctive style of Moran.
It's rather short considering the long break between book 3 and 4. It seemed to me to have ended abruptly with Trent in the middle of plans to return to earth. So maybe that's what's planned for the next book. Or not. There is a teaser online with 2 chapters of book 5 but those don't reveal too much.
I am glad to have caught up to this series even though I started about 30 years after the first book, and I do hope, as many other fans, that Moran will continue.